We’ve been so busy with weddings this year that it made a lovely change to spend a sunny afternoon at Holywell Bay last weekend with Kim, Jack, Petrea & Bob (that’s the gorgeous black lab!) for a family photoshoot.

This shoot was a long time coming, but well worth the wait. Jack’s mum Sandra had bought the shoot as a gift for the family to celebrate Petrea’s Christening many months ago (what a lovely idea). But a combination of Jack’s work commitments and several aborted attempts due to the weather (oh, and our holidays), delayed things until well into this lovely summer.

Never mind – the delay meant that Petrea was beginning to walk and she performed wonderfully for us on the day. In fact the whole family were a joy to shoot – creating some lovely relaxed and informal images, just the way we like them. Whoever says you should never work with animals or children clearly hadn’t met this lovely family.

It would be good to get some more family beach shoots in between weddings while we still have some summer left, so please call us on 07951 647039 if you’d like to capture your family enjoying our wonderful scenery, or follow Sandra’s lead and buy one as a gift.