We were privileged to spend Saturday with Penny & Andy and their family & friends for their colourful, emotional wedding at the St Ives Harbour Hotel.

As we arrived at the hotel and made our way to meet Penny in the Bridal Suite we were greeted by bridesmaids Sarah, Natalie & Louise, resplendent in their magnificent onesies! The champagne was flowing and all was going well lacing up Penny’s dress, until we posed her with mum, Olwen. Then it all got quite emotional. And when the registrars arrived for their pre-wedding chat with the Bride, Penny needed a moment or two to compose herself.

It is these unexpected moments of uncontrollable emotions that make weddings days so special. The love pours out, the tears and the laughter follow, and so it was for the rest of the day. The ceremony was moving, punctuated by more tears and laughter. The speeches were heartfelt and touching. And the beach was as always in St Ives – stunningly beautiful even on an overcast afternoon – if a little chilly!

The guests who made their way from near and far (mostly far – Andy brought his family and friends from Northern Ireland) clearly enjoyed their day in Cornwall supporting the Groom and his lovely Bride. And so did we. We’re really happy with the results of our day’s work, and here’s our first selection to whet the appetite. We thank you, Penny & Andy, for choosing us to capture your day, and we hope you love the photographs. With love, Dawn & David x