Last Friday was the day of the wedding of Jemma & Simon at the St Ives Harbour Hotel. Unusually for us, we met the bride and groom in person for the first time just one day before the wedding. We always try to get to know the couple in advance as it makes everyone more relaxed when we start pointing the cameras at them on the big day, but these two were so chilled we felt at home with them straight away, and the day ran perfectly.

We met the bride in her room, assisted by twin sis Tina acting as bridesmaid, along with adorable flower girls Hattie (daughter) and Isobel (niece). There was some anxiety that as they walked down the aisle with Tina they may just decide to run in any direction, but they fulfilled their duties perfectly – Hattie being scooped up by Dad Simon as she reached him, and she watched mother and bride Jemma arrive whilst in his arms.

It’s fair to say that Simon – a former rugby player and keen bodybuilder – is a physical giant, but he certainly has a soft centre, romantically delivering a beautiful necklace to his bride via Tina just before the wedding. Jemma is also a fitness fanatic, and she couldn’t resist a few press ups and dips on the exercise equipment as we returned to the hotel from our family shoot on Porthminster Beach. Hattie enjoyed the freedom of the beach after the formalities of the wedding, but we seem to have a strange effect on children when they get on the sand. Just like Cara & Daniel’s daughter Isabelle a few weeks ago, Hattie also hit the deck as she ran towards Mum & Dad. Happily she was soon back on her feet, Tina doing a brilliant job of retrieving her when she decided to head for the sea.

We left Jemma & Simon as they arrived for their wedding breakfast, Hattie sleeping soundly to give her parents some peace and quiet after the rigours of her big day. We hope Mr & Mrs Thompson enjoy seeing the first of their photos, and we wish them every joy and happiness for the future. With lots of love, Dawn & David xx