On Sunday we had the pleasure of joining Helen and Martin and their intimate group of four guests for their wedding in St Ives. Although we love the big weddings with full-day coverage, it’s really gratifying that we are still able to appeal to small intimate gatherings where we are attending a small part of the day – in this case for just a couple of hours to cover the ceremony, drinks and canapes and then a trip to the beach.

This gathering had been arranged in total secrecy from Helen & Martin’s extended family and friends – who were wondering why they were visiting St Ives so often. Other than their total devotion to the place, that is! The only guests were Helen’s daughters Natalie & Emma, along with Natalie’s partner Jason, and Martin’s son Kerran.

After quickly visiting each of the girls and boys groups in their respective rooms we headed for the ceremony, which in this case was held in the Bridal suite. It’s a room we’ve visited many times in the past, but never for the vows themselves. As Helen entered the room Martin had to take a moment to gather himself, such was the emotion of seeing his bride. We often find that these ultra-small weddings are especially emotional, because without many guests or arrangements to worry about, the whole focus of the day is on the service itself.

After some lovely canapes (which we were forced to try!) we headed down to Porthminster Beach with the entire (!) congregation. The beach was deserted and although the weather was mostly overcast we did get some hints of brightness to bring the colours of St Ives to life. Back at the hotel we were joined by two additional guests who were exceptionally excited to join the group. Archie & Dougie were straining at the leash as Jason brought them to join us on the terrace, making the family complete.

Helen and Martin are still enjoying their week-long stay in St Ives as we write this, and will be back again in June. And July. And probably again not long after, such is their love affair with our beautiful town. We hope they enjoyed their special day together, and that they have fun sharing these first images of the day with their family and friends who were not present. With lots of love, Dawn & David xx