Thursday 6th August was the day Stacey & Peter became Mr & Mrs Downs, and in this rather hit-and-miss summer, they picked a beautiful day to celebrate their wedding and the beginning of their married life.

This was a full-on day, one where you sink into bed at the end of it feeling like you have definitely done a day’s work, and knowing the party you left is still in full swing. Travelling around St Ives by car in August is pretty impossible (or at least parking the car is), so having arrived at the St Ives Harbour Hotel to meet Groom, Peter, with his two Best Men, plus Ushers & Groomsmen in the morning, we were on foot for the day. Firstly off to a holiday home in town where Bride, Stacey, was in the throes of preparation with her five bridesmaids, two flower girls and page boy. Then down to St Ia Church for the wedding ceremony – led by Father Andrew and briefly interrupted when the congregation spotted the handiwork of Best Men Jamie & David on the soles of Peter’s shoes as he knelt for prayers at the altar with his Bride.

After some family photos in the garden behind the church we moved on to Porthminster Beach with the bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents, where the Bride & Groom managed to gatecrash a game of volleyball on the beach before practising synchronised jumping (the girls) and not-very-synchronised heel-clicking (the boys). Then back to the St Ives Harbour Hotel for some much-needed refreshments on the terrace before the wedding breakfast.

Before the evening festivities began we were off again – not on foot this time, thank goodness – to The Island for some quiet time with the Bride & Groom, as the sun began to dip over the Atlantic Ocean. Not quite late enough for sunset, but just entering the time when the light changes and the evening sun gives a glow on the faces. Special moments.

And so finally, back at the hotel for the cutting of the cake and first dance. The family & friends – around 90 of them – had travelled from afar to help Stacey & Peter celebrate, and they all made the most of a fantastic day. They all made us feel so welcome in their company, and we hope they enjoyed ours, despite having two cameras catching every smile and every tear throughout the day.

We wish Mr & Mrs Downs a long and happy marriage and hope they regularly get out the photos to remind them of their special day in St Ives. Here are just a few to get started with. Lots of love, Dawn & David xx