Last Friday we were back at the Carbis Bay Hotel for the wedding of Monika & Stuart – an intimate affair for less than 20 of their closest family and friends.

With the weather set fair (at last!), we made the most of the late September warmth, enjoying the gardens and the beach as well as taking a trip to Hayle Towans – to the exact spot where Stuart proposed to Monika.

When we arrived at the hotel Monika was being ably supported by sister Anna, daughter Aurelia and mum Ella. Although there were a few nerves on show, everything was under control and relatively calm. Originally from Poland, Anna & Ella now live in Dublin, so only meet up with Monika infrequently, but the sisterly love is strong, even if we couldn’t always follow the conversations as they switched between Polish and English!

Downstairs with the guests, groom Stuart was grappling with his buttonhole with best man Al, who was totally convinced he had met Dawn before. She doesn’t recall, and we couldn’t find a time or place where it might have happened, so there must be a doppleganger!

Dead on time at 2pm Monika entered the room on the arm of her mother and following Anna & Aurelia. They made a beautiful entrance, slow-marching in to the beat of Christina Perry’s A Thousand Years – I think there were tears in plenty of eyes in the room. Not mine, of course…

After drinks on the lawn, and as the party sat down for their wedding breakfast, we departed for a couple of hours, returning to whisk the Bride and Groom off for a romantic jaunt to the spot of the proposal. One minor problem – our usual car was packed to overflowing ready for a trip to Exeter to visit our son at University, so the back-up car was required. Not that our 13-year old Volkswagen Lupo isn’t a great little car, but it probably wasn’t exactly the limousine they deserved. We must have looked a sight with the Bride up front with me and the Groom in the back with Dawn! Nevertheless, the location was stunning, with the sun gently dipping towards the horizon.

Back at the hotel we headed for the beach with the whole party, and with plenty of time for a paddle as we watched the Supermoon rise and the sun go down before heading back. But the fun was not over yet. Sparklers first, then back to the beach for Chinese Lanterns. They’re not the easiest to light, but it was a beautiful sight as they (eventually) rose into the sky and disappeared over the hotel.

By this time the evening barbeque was smelling great, so just time to cut the cake and a quick first dance before we left them to their food again. No honeymoon for Monika and Stuart, so it was back to work and school on Monday. Hopefully these first photos will transport them straight back to Cornwall and their wonderful wedding day. We wish them many years of happiness and hope they love their photos. With lots of love, Dawn & David xx