Thursday 29th October was the big day for Sarah Owen and Ian ‘Crofty’ Croft to tie the knot at the St Ives Harbour Hotel. A calm, mild overcast Autumn day in Cornwall, with no threat of rain, but the possibility of some afternoon sunshine.

When we met up with the Groom with his Best Man Benno (also occasionally known as James) and Ushers Zak and Ethan, the nerves were kicking in for Ian. Now this is a man who spends his working days issuing fines to people who drop litter in Merseyside, so if he can get nervous before a wedding, anyone can!

We headed to the Bride’s room to find the usual state of chaos, and we think Sarah probably broke the record for the number of people gathered in one room before the wedding. Sarah was looked after by no less than seven bridesmaids – daughters Chantelle and Keighley, sisters Jasmine & Siobhan, friends Kelly & Paula and niece Tia.

The bridal preparations were definitely taking longer than planned, so we escaped from the room with three of the younger bridesmaids to thin out the crowd a bit, after which we quickly had time for a few shots of Sarah with her father before she headed to the ceremony (just a few minutes late!). After a ceremony that brought several of the family to tears Mr & Mrs Croft emerged from the Harbour Suite looking much more happy and relaxed, as is so often the way once the formalities of the day have been completed.

Everything was going swimmingly until we discovered that there had been a bit of confusion over the timings, and the Wedding Breakfast started an hour earlier than we had in our schedule. Never mind! After quickly gathering all the guests for the compulsory whole-group shot we hot-footed it down to Porthminster Beach with the Bride and Groom and their parents and attendants. Before long the afternoon sunshine we hoped for made an appearance, and we managed to get the group back to the hotel (just) on schedule.

We hope Sarah & Ian enjoyed their special day in St Ives, and the week or so after the wedding, when they stayed on to enjoy their favourite place. They’re now back home in Merseyside, and we hope these first photos cheer them up. With love and best wishes, Dawn & David xx