What an amazing summer we’ve had. No, not the weather, the weddings! Last Sunday was yet another cracker, as Laura and Adam became Mr & Mrs Spencer at the St Ives Harbour Hotel.

This wedding was a real labour of love for the happy couple, who hand-made everything possible, from the 100m plus of bunting right down to the table decorations, including slices of timber cut by Adam using a chainsaw and Granny’s tree! It all looked amazing, as did the Bride, Laura in one of the most beautiful wedding gowns we’ve ever seen. And we’ve seen lots! She was attended by no less than 9 bridesmaids in an assortment of mint, peach, pink and ivory dresses, all colours featured in the bouquets by the fantastic Wheal Sara.

Groom Adam had his identical twin brother, Daniel, to help him, along with friend Richard. We’d been warned in advance that Adam would be wearing the peach tie, Daniel the pink one (Groom peach, best man pink. Groom peach, best man pink. Groom peach, best man pink). As it turned out Daniel had kindly grown his hair a bit longer than Adam (on head and chin) and so we didn’t have the embarrassment of mixing the pair up. Daniel did give one of the most amusing Best Man speeches we’ve heard, taking us right back to the first moment the two met. Yes, the very first moment, as they swam together. Say no more.

The only hitch all day was the weather – much better than the forecast thank goodness, but not quite good enough for a beach shoot in the afternoon. No worries, we were confident it would improve so we delayed until after the wedding breakfast. After an hour of rain during our break we thought we may have made a bad call, but it came good, the sun arriving on cue just as we headed to Porthminster. Then it was back to the hotel for the cutting of another amazing cake by Amanda at Cakes by Design, and then a first dance that surprised everyone in the room other than the parents (and the photographers – they get to know everything). After two months of secret practise they pulled off their Rumba perfectly, despite their worries about tripping over Laura’s dress.

The last surprise was yet to come. We’d been tipped off by Adam that there was a fireworks display planned for 10pm as a surprise for Laura, organised by Adam’s mum, Di. As we were due to finish around 8pm we made up a ruse about a candlelight photo after the evening buffet. Laura couldn’t figure out why we had to stay so late, but we tucked into the BBQ and timed our shot of the happy couple on the terrace perfectly for the fireworks. And so to bed. A long but wonderful day. On Friday, Laura & Adam are entertaining all the family and friends back in Derby who didn’t make it to St Ives, so out comes the dress, the suits and even new buttonholes. So good they had to do it twice!

We know that Laura is an avid follower of our blogs, so we hope this one lives up to expectations. They’ve already had a sneak preview of these first pictures, so they can share them at the party – we hope they love them. With love, Dawn & David xx