The wedding of Heather and Shaun (known to all as Jim for reasons we didn’t actually establish) on Wednesday 1st August was the most intimate of intimate weddings, with the Bride and Groom joined only by Heather’s two lovely daughters Libby & Katie. Plus the two of us in our dual role as photographers and witnesses. This wasn’t the first time we have been asked to act as witnesses and it’s a real pleasure to be asked.

The wedding took place in the Godrevy Suite at the St Ives Harbour Hotel, and in this summer to end all summers the weather was perfectly behaved. We initially joined Jim on the terrace with his companion, who in the absence of any groomsmen, went by the name of Peroni. Then scooted up to the suite where Heather and the girls were ready for the main event. The joy and excitement was there for all to see in their faces, and this continued throughout the afternoon. Libby & Katie were looking stunning and were so proud of their beautiful mum, the smiles never leaving their faces. The bond between the three of them was a lovely thing to witness, and they were clearly thrilled to be adding Jim to the family.

After a touching ceremony with plenty of laughs and just a few tears we moved onto the terrace to celebrate the union with confetti and fizz. We love the moments we captured as they laughed and joked together, and they made our job so easy, despite not having scores of guests to greet and talk to. We then headed down to a packed Porthminster Beach and weaved our way through the crowds to find some space for photos. The girls enjoyed a paddle in the sea and after using a few more of our favourite spots on the beach we headed back up to the hotel in time for the afternoon tea, much to the delight of Katie, who evidently is a big fan of food in pretty much any form. We then left the family to enjoy the rest of the day alone, before meeting up again the following morning to look at photo albums!

Although we are most definitely biased, we don’t subscribe to the theory that a small wedding doesn’t warrant professional photography – the emotions they experienced on the day will live with them forever through the memories only photographs can evoke. We love the intimacy of small weddings, and in less than three hours together we not only captured the important parts of their day, we also left as friends (and our signatures are forever on their wedding certificate!).

Heather & Jim, we wish you many years of happiness together. With love, Dawn & David xx