Last Saturday we had the pleasure of joining Kelly and Louise (henceforth referred to by her preferred ‘Lou’) at the St Ives Harbour Hotel as they became Mrs & Mrs Harry-Hardwick. More of that later.

On the Thursday before the wedding Kelly had texted in a slight panic about the weather on Saturday – the forecast was terrible! Now whilst we always reassure brides and grooms (or brides and brides in this case) that they will have a fantastic day whatever the weather – and it is true – we’d be lying if we said we didn’t constantly watch the weather forecast hoping for a glimmer of hope that we won’t get a total wash-out wedding. In this case we had the reassurance of seeing different forecasters disagreeing about when the rain would pass. So when we met the girls later that day we told them with some confidence that the rain would pass in the afternoon and we would get the sunshine that Kelly was desperately hoping for to give her our famous St Ives colours in the photos.

As it turned out, even our optimistic forecast was surpassed as the rain stopped and the skies brightened as we arrived at the hotel. But then we immediately ran into the problem with bride and bride weddings – sharing hair and make-up artists! Around an hour before the ceremony we were still waiting for the make-up artist to arrive with Kelly, so we feared we may be a bit tight for time! That hour looked a bit like a scene out of the Keystone Cops (wow, how old are we?!), with both of us dashing back and forth between Kelly’s room and Lou’s room as they both attempted to get themselves ready in time. And with three-year old twins Ella and Nyle also demanding their fair share of Mummy’s and Mama-Lou’s attention!

Lou, in her smart suit and white bow tie, was ready first, but we then faced the next challenge – making sure the two brides didn’t bump into each other as they made their way down for make their co-ordinated entrance. With that successfully negotiated Lou made her way into the ceremony on the arm of her father, followed by their twins gleefully scattering rose petals along the aisle, and finally joined by Kelly with her own father. Luckily the rest of the day was all calmness and relaxation!

With the weather now behaving itself the drinks and canapés were served on the terrace and after some photos overlooking the bay bathed in sunshine we headed down to Porthminster Beach with the brides, Ella and Nyle and a couple of helpful chaperones for the children. On the final weekend of the summer holidays we had a fairly busy beach to negotiate, but by Saturday afternoon most holidaymakers are on their way home so we found some room to work without tripping over sunbathers.

After that it was back to the hotel and speeches before the wedding breakfast. Kelly’s father began with a moving and heartfelt tribute to the couple, followed by Lou. Now, it seems that Lou, as the older of the couple, has earned herself a reputation for being the grumpy one (I know how that feels) and began her speech with a list of things she was currently unhappy with. The first of which is her new name – Mrs Harry-Hardwick. Maybe a future crime-novel detective in the making! Kelly then rounded off the speeches, including a warm and funny poem dedicated to Lou.

Into the evening we had the traditional cake cutting and first dance, then the less traditional space-hopper racing! Kelly’s progress was somewhat hampered by the volume of Prosecco consumed so Lou became champion in the battle of the brides. As the sun set we were treated to a beautiful St Ives sunset to finish the day and a last few pictures on the terrace before we headed home to a cuppa.

Congratulations Mrs & Mrs Harry-Hardwick, and thanks for asking us to be a part of your day. Lots of love, David & Dawn xx