Louise & Perry’s wedding day last Saturday had everything. Laughter and tears, sunshine and rain (lots of rain), a vicar on the run, a major announcement, a 1759 court trial and a bad case of sidonglobophobia. Read on, all will become clear.

We first met Perry 18 months ago at the Tie the Knot wedding fair in Truro. But this wasn’t a regular meeting with a groom-to-be at a wedding fair. Perry was the organiser of the event, so during the day we had the chance to chat with him whenever the traffic dropped. We were delighted when he got back in touch to arrange a meeting with his fiancee, Louise, to discuss their wedding plans. Since then we’ve met them several times and become acquainted with their gorgeous little boy, Beauden, and their gorgeous little Daschund, Gandalf. Unfortunately Gandalf couldn’t be at the wedding. Because he’s a dog. (That one’s for you, Perry).

We headed first to Louise’s childhood home in Crantock where her bridesmaids – sister Katie and friend Maxine – were assisting along with parents Ruth & Alan, page boy Beauden and flower girl Olivia. All was calm as Louise finished in make-up and emerged looking statuesque and serene in her gown. After some photos in the garden we headed off to St Carantoc’s Church – the parish church of Crantock.

Upon arrival we were missing the groom, groomsmen and vicar, but the presence of guests reassured us that we hadn’t arrived at the wrong church. Shortly afterwards, groom Perry was first to arrive with Dad, Jonny, checking their watches as they proceeded along the path to the church. Ushers Scott & Matt followed soon after and then Best Man, ‘Captain George Fox’, known to all as Foxy and an Afghanistan veteran. But still no vicar, who had been specially selected by the bride and groom for his, let’s say, ‘casual’ style.

He certainly wasn’t looking casual when he finally arrived, sprinting up to the church with nine minutes to go, and cheerfully throwing a few expletives at the photographers gleefully capturing his entrance! With the bridesmaids already waiting at the church and the bride on her way we needed to buy some time by holding things up at the gate. But the cassock was soon on and when we checked to see if it was safe to proceed he already had the congregation rocking in the aisles with what, at times, sounded more like a stand-up gig than a wedding.

So, just seven minutes after the scheduled time Louise entered upon the arm of her proud father to meet Perry for the big moment. It’s fair to say the service was short but sweet, with Beauden stealing the show and being held by the vicar for much of the service when he needed to be close to mum and dad. So, precisely 30 minutes after entering the church as Miss Sykes, Louise exited as Mrs Hughes, this time on the arm of her husband.

Now for the teary bit. Tragically, in 2017, Louise & Perry had a little boy they named Dexter who sadly lived for only a few hours before his battle for life was lost. It was something of a miracle that he was born alive at all, but it meant that Louise & Perry could spend those few precious hours with him, register his birth, give him a name and give him a funeral. So it was really important for them to spend a few moments of their day at his graveside, placing a flower that had been presented to them as part of the service.

Back with the rest of the party we made a snap decision to get a group photo with all of the guests, as heavy rain had been forecast for 2pm and throughout the rest of the day. This might have been our only chance, while the weather was still kind. It stayed that way for a few more photos and then – as everyone else headed to the hotel – a trip down to Crantock Beach, a place that has special significance for the couple.

Now if you go down to Crantock Beach you can’t miss Cargo Coffee, a really cool coffee shop in an old army lorry. So after a few minutes in the gorgeous dunes and a walk along the beach we couldn’t resist using the van as a prop. By the way, their coffee is great – we tried it during our our recce of the beach a few weeks earlier.

And then off to the Hotel California sitting above the Gannel Estuary with stunning views along the river and out to sea. The weather was still dry so with some help from the groomsmen we hurriedly guided everyone outside for the group shot overlooking the estuary that we’d originally planned. Just as we finished the rain started, and it wasn’t to stop until the next morning, so the rest of the day was a strictly indoor event. But with such a dire forecast we were grateful to have all the important outdoor shots in the can.

So, we’ve covered the laughter and tears, the sunshine and rain, and the vicar on the run, but we have to move on to the speeches for the announcement, the trial and the sidonglobophobia.

After Louise’s father had made his speech, Perry took the mike for a groom’s speech that had more laughter and tears (and cheers). The tears came when Perry made a lovely tribute to the important missing members of their family – their loved son Dexter, and Gandalf. Because he’s a dog.

But then the announcement – that Louise is expecting another baby. Cue the cheers – we had been tipped off and close family knew, but other than that it was a lovely surprise for everyone. So, then to the Best Man – ‘Captain George Fox’. Why the quotation marks? Well, it’s a bit of a joke between Perry and Foxy, who unfortunately didn’t quite make it to Captain before leaving the army. But any ribbing from Perry was about to be paid back with interest!

Firstly, a five minute video of the stag weekend, much to Perry’s horror. But that was just the prelude to a full-on theatrical performance (including full regalia) by Foxy and his two acquaintances, who proceeded to present their case that Perry was not worthy of his bride, based on the premise that back in 1759, when men were men, there is no chance that Perry could have conned this lovely lady into marrying him. After presenting many arguments based on Perry’s shortcomings, the case was fortunately dismissed by the judge when Louise confirmed that she did indeed choose Perry for her husband.

But what about the sidonglobophobia? Well, part of the case against Perry was – wait for it – his phobia of cotton wool. Yes, cotton wool. Perry physically recoiled as a tiara decorated with cotton wool balls was placed on his head. Congratulations to Foxy – in all our weddings we’ve never witnessed such a spectacle.

After that it was all quite regular, really. Well, except for the fact that the hotel has its own ten-pin bowling alley the guests enjoyed before Mr & Mrs Hughes took to the floor for their first dance.

And so we came to the end of an eventful and jam-packed wedding day. The rain bucketed down as we headed back down the A30 to St Ives and home.

Thank you to Louise & Perry for asking us to capture their wedding day. We wish you a life full of fun and adventure with your growing family. We hope you love the first images of the day and we look forward to hearing what you think. Lots of love, Dawn & David xx