Last Saturday we were delighted to meet up once again with the lovely Gilbert clan when Tracey & Peter’s eldest daughter Kirstie married into the Prynn family at The Alverton in Truro.

We first met the Gilberts in June 2016 when Kirstie’s sister Steph married Rich at the Harbour Hotel in St Ives on a beautiful summer’s day. Not only did we get to meet Steph and Rich again, we were also introduced to son Freddie who has just turned two. Unlike Steph, Kirstie opted for a winter wedding so we were prepared for bad weather after a month or more of daily doses of rain throughout Cornwall, not that Kirstie was concerned.

Kirstie was a bridesmaid on Steph’s wedding day and returned the honour by asking Steph and her other sister Lucy to support her, along with brother Piers, who we remembered as an excellent usher for Steph & Rich.

When we arrived in Kirstie’s room for our reunion Piers was off running errands, reportedly nursing a monster hangover after a bit of a drinking competition with his Dad, in which he came second! Luckily he was hiding the after-effects well as he continued to shuttle between the boys and the girls with flowers and messages.

Groom Olly was also keeping things in the family, with younger brother Harry acting as Best Man, and of course young Freddie as his Page Boy, not that he seemed to be aware of his responsibilities, having just woken from his morning nap.

As we moved to the ceremony room we couldn’t help but notice the packs of tissues on all the front row seats, and as the party arrived down the aisle it quickly became apparent that they would be well-used with bridesmaids, Mum, and then the bride all reaching for the Kleenex. Half an hour later Mr & Mrs Prynn emerged from the Great Hall and as the weather was holding up pretty well we made for the confetti and group shots outside the hotel entrance (apologies to the man in BMW who had to wait a few minutes to pass ……) before allowing anyone near the drinks.

After giving the bride and groom some time to mingle with their guests we headed out for a walk through the hotel gardens in their autumnal splendour – and still it remained dry. Then it was time for speeches, followed by the wedding breakfast.

When the evening guests arrived the plan was to provide everyone with sparklers, but by then the rain had moved in so unfortunately we had to abandon the plan. Kirstie and Olly were, however, keen to recreate a photo they had seen from one of our previous weddings, where our couple made the shape of a love heart with their sparklers. So we braved the weather for a few minutes to get the shot, and they made a pretty good job of it, we think.

There was one more surprise for the guests when the bride and groom took to the floor for their first dance – a snow cannon located on the balcony above the dance floor showered them with the white stuff, creating a magical wintry scene.

Here are some of the pictures that tell the story of their day. We hope they convey the laughter and joy of the couple and their families and friends. It was pleasure to be there and we wish Kirstie & Olly many years of happiness together. With love, Dawn & David xx